Pet Portraits -Special! 15% off list prices for March

Pet Portraits

I love animals, and love to paint them! I work from pictures, you can send them via email or text. My basic pricing is at the bottom of the page. Please contact me for a free phone consult.

Pets look great on all types of backgrounds!

We can create your art using a traditional soft brushed background, or for a more unique painting, kick it up and do a special background, even a fantasy or Storypainting background complete  with hidden pictures! I've created beautiful custom pet portraits for satisfied clients for many years.


Pricing for pet portraits on traditional soft brushed backgrounds is pretty straightforward, it's based on size and the number of pets in the painting. 

The Pricing list below is for single pets, on traditional backgrounds, additional pets are 100$ each. 

 I price paintings with "unique" backgrounds and/or hidden images on a case by case basis. Please contact me directly and we can discuss your needs.

Pet Portrait Pricing- Sale 15% off for March

Additional pets in painting are priced at $100 each