Custom Designed Murals

I have been designing and handpainting custom murals for a wide variety of clientele since 1995. My experiences run the gammet from working on high end residential interior projects to commercial murals on the sides of buildings using aerial lifts. 

One very unique use for my work has been painting furniture onto the double doors in memory care units of nursing homes. 

It was a great way to decrease patient and staff frustration, as well as help protect the safety of both residents and guests. 


Murals can be painted on a wide variety of subsrates

Murals hand painted on site can be produced on many different substrates, some of which are wallboard, concrete block, brick, and corrugated metal. I also offer a wonderful canvas mural product that is painted off site at my studio, rolled up and transported to site, and then applied in the same manner as heavy duty vinyl wallpaper, as well as paintings on board (s). 

These products have the added benefit of being able to be removed and stored away or reapplied at another site, thus allowing the client to retain their investment.


If you're interested in commissioning a mural

I am currently accepting mural commissions on a limited basis. If you have a project you'd like me to look at, please contact me for a no cost initial consultation. 

Pricing for murals is done by a case to case basis.  After I hear what it is you are looking for, and see your space, I can show you some prior projects I've completed and give you approximate costs of such. 

I am willing and able to design murals within a clients cost parameters .