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Creating Storytelling Art for the Nations

Creating Storytelling Art for the Nations

Creating Storytelling Art for the NationsCreating Storytelling Art for the Nations

Corporate Storypainting


Your Business is One-Of-A-Kind, Your Art Should Be Too

 Your business has a rich history, a vibrant present, and a bright future, your art should reflect it! 

Commission a Hidden Picture Storypainting for your company, and have a custom work of commemorative art created which is as radically distinctive as the company it represents. 

To commission a painting or just get more information contact me .


Your Company Story, A Timeless Presentation

Hidden Picture Storypaintings offer a unique opportunity to showcase your business in a timeless and memorable way.

Your painting will be a beautifully coherent work of art, specifically designed to invite the viewer to interact with your story.

Each Hidden Picture Storypainting comes with a written explaination, as well as a "key" which exposes the hides.


Share Your Priceless Story

We offer fine quality print reproductions of your Hidden Picture Storypainting in various sizes. 

Prints of your story make memorable corporate gifts, for uses such as client appreciation and retirements. 

Personalization of prints is also available.

A Word on Pricing


Artist hand painting colorful ocean reef mural, fish, coral reef, storypainting

If you have a story you'd like me to paint, please contact me via phone or email. I work closely with my clients to produce one of a kind commemorative art paintings.

Prices are quoted on an individual basis, and vary depending on size, detail, and number of hidden images.  

I can give you a solid price after I see what it is you want. 

For frame of reference concerning price: 

A 22x28 original painting on canvas, packed full of detail, with your written description of the story, your paper "key" showing the hides, and with no less than 8 hidden images would run $2800.

Special request hidden images are priced at $45 each.