Biblical Storypaintings, Art that "Works" with your Bible

Painted Bible Stories

We offer unique Christian art,  Biblical Storypaintings. Using the image and  supplied narration, you "walk " through the painting, and various elements of the Bible. You are directed to read certain Bible Verses and then find the hidden pictures in the image. 

Art designed to get you to OPEN THE BOOK

Biblical Storypaintings are designed to created interaction between the  The Bible , the art, and the viewers.

Using your Bible, you read a referenced Bible Verse, then find the associated hidden image in the painting. This invites interaction between viewers, and gets people to open and stay in The Book for a while.

Personalized Wedding or Anniversary Gifts

Certain Storypaintings are designed to allow for personalization. "Vigilance " can be ordered as is, or personalized with a last name, spouse names and a wedding date. A personalized Biblical Storypainting makes a wonderful wedding or anniversary gift for the Christian couple. 

On The Easel- The Garden Of Gethsemane

Mark 14:3

A woman came with a alabaster jar....

Mark 14:32

Then they went to a place called Gethsemane....

Mark 15:22

And they led him to Golgotha...


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Introducing Vigilance

This is a brief summary of "Vigilance", a Biblical Storypainting anchored with Proverbs 4:23, Guard Your Heart With All Vigilance, For From It Flow The Springs Of Life. 

It is a offered as a paper fine art print with personalization available.

This print makes a wonderful wedding or anniversary gift. 

Prices, size, et are listed below.

"Vigilance" - Personalization Available

A Biblical Storypainting Displaying Proverbs 4:23

Pricing for a 9 x 18 fine art paper print 


Order personalized with family name, marriage date and spouses first names for


Taxes and Shipping Not Included

The Narration of Vigilance

In this video I read a little bit of the narration included with the painting

Garden Of Eden

Take a little stroll through "The Garden" with this lovely Storypainting 

Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Prints are available.

Image size is approx.  "12 x 16" 

Edition size is 100 

Print comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Price: $65.00

Tax and Shipping Not Included