Artist Statement

1 Corinthians 12 27:31

How Beautiful is God's Diversity???

Reading this scripture is telling. 

It says ..Each of us are " individually"  important to the body of Christ as a "whole". 

We all have diverse gifts and talents, which when used as God purposes, contribute to the general welfare of the body. 

Some gifts and graces are highly visible, some not so, but each is important in the body of Chirst. 

How cool is that?

As to myself and my Biblical Storypaintings...

I am not a preacher, I am not a teacher, I am an artist. 

I might simply consider myself to be a type of Biblical translator.

I read The Book and translate it into a unique visual form.

My Biblical Storypaintings are designed to encourage dialogue .  Although they can be simply viewed as a pretty piece of art,  they are intended to get people to take some time and go a little deeper .

Along the way to completion of each painting, I will say, I am learning a lot.

I try to share a bit of that in the narrations which accompany the images. 

Hidden pictures are something I always enjoy adding to my artwork, and they are placed within each piece to elaborate on the narration.

They certainly aren't your traditional looking Christian art, but then I'm probably not what one would consider traditional in my path, why would my gifting be? 

Each of us is a cracked pot, imperfect , flawed, but that is just how our perfect God designed us.

His light can shine real bright through those cracks.

Be Blesssed