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Creating Storytelling Art for the Nations

Creating Storytelling Art for the Nations

Creating Storytelling Art for the NationsCreating Storytelling Art for the Nations

Storypainting, Unique Art for the Adopted


Your Child is Special, So is Their Story

An adopted child is special, and they have a one-of-a kind story. That story is a unique blend of "their story" (perhaps a country of origin, their memories, depending on their age at adoption, ect.)  and  "your story" (your memories of their adoption, your family and it's history). 

A Hidden Picture Storypainting allows you to blend this beautiful love story into a timeless visual tribute. 


Preserve Their Story for Generations to Come

Commission a Hidden Picture Storypainting for your family, and give your child a fun and beautiful way to share their adoption story. Your child's storypainting art can help them proudly share their adoption love story for generations to come.

Each Hidden Picture Storypainting comes with a written explaination of the painting, as well as a picture "key', showing you where the hidden images are. 


Sharing the Story

We offer prints of your original Storypainting so you can share your story. 

What a beautiful gift for family members!

To commission a painting or get more info contact me

A Word On Pricing


Painting of Vietnamese Adoption Story, Hidden pictures, narration, ballerina, monkey, turtle, yorkie

If you have a story you'd like me to paint, please contact me via phone or email. 

I work closely with my clients to produce one of a kind commemorative art paintings, and can also provide prints of your original painting so you can share the image.

Prices are quoted on an individual basis, and vary depending on size, detail, and number of hidden images. After we discuss your project, I can give you a solid price quote tailored to your Storypainting.

For frame of reference concerning price:

A 22x28 original painting on canvas,  with a written description of the story, a paper "key" showing the hides, and with no less than 8 hidden images would run $2800.. 

Special request hidden images are priced at $45

Prints will be quoted on size, material and quanity.