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"Silent Night"

Honoring our Veterans

"Silent Night"  is an original painting designed to honor the memory of our US military personal and to perhaps offer some comfort to their loved ones during the Christmas Season. 

Its initial purpose was to be used as  a card front for Mountain Home National Cemetery's Wreath's Across America Chapter. 

Available Prints ?

When we popped "Silent Night"  up on a FB post with a link to our local Wreaths Across America Chapter, and we received many requests for the image itself. 

Before releasing this image as an available print, we first wanted to see if we could use it to help our veterans. Partnering with a local military aid organization seemed like the perfect fit,

20% Back to our Veterans

We are honored to partner with the Tri Cities Military Affairs Council ,TC-MAC. When you purchase a print of "Silent Night" from now until Dec. 28th., 20% of your purchase price will be donated to this fabulous military support organization. 

"Silent Night" can be ordered personalized or in it's original form

We can add your loved ones name and photograph to your print! Prints are available in two frame ready sizes, 8"x 10" and 11" x 14". You can also order 5" x 7" blank cards of your personalized print!

Questions call 610-248-6795 or email: wendy@storypainting.net

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A Story

Why the name "Silent Night"?

Our artist, Wendy, had made a visit to Mountain Home National Cemetery. There she had a chance encounter with a widow, and had time to visit with her, and hear her story.  As she was reflecting on that conversation, on the lives of the men and women who had been laid to rest under our flag for generations, as well as their families, she prayed God would give her guidance and the right image.  

She was initially answered with a song.. "Silent Night".  As it ran through her mind over and over, the vision came., first The Star ( A Savior is born ), the peaceful quiet of the snow (rest), the stones (each an individual soul), the candle (we wait, we remember), The Flag ( love of country, sacrifice of self) and the Poinsettia, representing our cherished Christmas season. 

Hidden Image?

Know for hiding things in her images, Wendy placed an American Eagle in the snow... symbolizing our "American Eagles" flying home.

Veteran's Day is Nov. 11th

Order Your Prints Early! We have an approx 2 week lead time. 

Veterans Day is Nov. 11th,  hanging a personalized print in memory of your loved one would be the perfect way to start the holiday season!