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Storypainting and other Fine Art Services by Wendy L Wolf

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Wendy L Wolf, Artist/Storypainter

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Our storytelling art, which we've coined "Storypaintings", is quite unique. 

The original artworks featured here are hand painted, and most all of them contain a hidden pictures.

We offer a variety of prints, some of them can be personalized with pictures and names, as well as accept some commissions.

If you have any questions please reach out to us, we'd love to hear from you! 

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Biblical Art, The Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, Apple, Storypainting, Hidden image art, Christian

Our Services and Products

Our artist, Wendy L Wolf, creates one-of-a-kind "speakable" Hidden Picture Storypaintings . Storypaintings are unique Storytelling Art, and the original genre of our artist. 

They are designed to help you move a story across borders of language and time. 

Our products and services;

 Biblical Storypaintings --A tool for Christians to share their faith

U.S. Military Tribute images, with personalization offerings

We also accept Private Commissions for Storypaintings,

 pet portraiture and other custom artworks.

Memorial art, Confederate Soldier, Hidden pictures, Elk, Lighthouses, Storypainting, waterfall, ship

Commission a Storypainting and Hold your Memories in your Hands

Artist Wendy L Wolf conducts personal interviews with each of her clients and from those conversations and their memories, she designs and builds for them a unique painting that speaks to their story, a Storypainting. 

Each Storypainting comes with a written narration that walks your through the image, hidden pictures and a key.

We've created memorials, stories of family businesses, stories of life's memories, adoption stories, school stories, et.

Self taught Artist, Storypainter, Writer, Owner, The Commemorative Art Company, Wendy L. Wolf

The Artist

Wendy is a self taught artist with a professional career spanning over two decades. Her artwork is all originally designed and handpainted, with close attention to fine details.  She began her professional career as a muralist in 1995, and over the years, expanded her services to include faux finishes, pet portraits, beautiful original hidden picture paintings, licensed images to companies for their products and eventually developed her own unique service and genre of Storypainting. 

Originally from Pa, she now resides in East Tenn.

Biblical Storypaintings..Art that "Works" with your Bible

Painted Bible Stories

Biblical Art, The Garden Of Gethsemane, Christian, Jesus, Hidden Pictures, Storypainting, Cross

We offer unique Christian art,  Biblical Storypaintings. 

These  Storypaintings are a visual story. Through the use of symbolism, they are a readable, repeatable way for you to share the Bible across language and political borders. There are printable narrations and hidden picture keys. If you know the story, you can use this image to share and repeat it. If you don't know the story, it's just a pretty picture. 

Designed to get you to OPEN The Book

The Garden of Eden, Christian Art, Biblical, Hidden Pictures, Adam and Eve, Storypainting, Genesis

Biblical Storypaintings are designed to create interaction, the narration includes references to Bible Verses. You read the verse out of your Bible, then find the hidden picture associated with it.

Personalized Christian Gifts

Biblical Art, Christian Art, Proverbs 4:23, Peacock, Fountain, Hidden pictures, Storypainting, story

Certain Storypaintings are designed to allow for personalization. Add your favorite couples last name, spouse names and wedding date to Vigilance, and have the perfect gift for a wedding or anniversary!

" All God's Children" is designed especially to comfort someone who has lost a child. We can add a picture and name to this image. 

Custom Pet Portraits, Gift Certificates Available


Custom Pet portrait, Swiss mountain dog, snow, painting, commissioned art, Wendy L Wolf

We work off your pictures!

Text them, email them, send them by snail mail!


Pet portrait, custom art, Devon Rex cat on Quilt , hand painted , commissioned art Wendy L Wolf

You can order your background traditionally brushed, or ask for a little something special. We can capture your pets "essence"!


Pet portrait, fantasy painting, Balinese Cat, Castle, peacock feather, moon, Wendy L Wolf

Fantasy backgrounds can be built! Isabella is a unique breed of kitty, she is a Balinese.. her favorite toy is a peacock feather. 

Storypainting TV Interview

An interview on WJHL "Daytime", discussing our Storypainting genre

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