Storypainting and other Fine Art Painting Services by Wendy L Wolf

Creating custom designed and hand painted artwork for discerning clientele since 1995

About The Artist

Services and Products

I am a freelance artist, specializing in the creation of originally designed and handpainted commemorative and memorial art. 

Offering a unique service,  I create One-Of-A- Kind, Hidden Picture Storypaintings specifically designed to tell your story. Additional services include pet portraits, and other custom artworks for various clientele. 

I also offer my own original paintings and prints for sale, many containing hidden images, and license my artwork.

My Purpose

My purpose is to provide my clientele with beautiful, meaningful, artwork which is personal and close to their hearts. 

I have developed my own distinctive genre of Storypainting which allows me to provide my clients with this type of priceless artwork. These beautiful custom paintings also provide the client an opportunity to share their stories with others in a visually coherent form. 

My Background

As a self taught artist with a professional career spanning over two decades, I have explored many facets of freelance artwork. I hand paint all of my original art designs. Murals were my first initial offerings, over the years I expanded my services to include faux finishes, pet portraits, beautiful original hidden picture paintings, and eventually developed my own unique genre of Storypainting. 


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